We’ve got the best ab workouts for you and the good news is that they deliver the kind of results you’ve only dreamed of and every one of them works! Regular ab workouts in that part of the body are often absolutely perfect for working the abdominal muscles on their own, but what they often can’t do is burn the fat that covers up that muscle definition. What you need is a workout that will deal with both at the same time, strengthening the muscles underneath while getting rid of that fat that could mean that all of your hard work goes to waste! Of course, even the best ab workouts in the world need some work and you’ll have to have some motivation of your own. However, if you’ve got that in place then all you need is to know exactly how and what to work on and that’s where we come in.

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Want a flat stomach with killer abs? Here are 8 great workouts you should try!

We’ve covered some of the most reputable systems around to show you exactly what makes them so special and why they work. As noted, they are absolutely perfect for not only building muscle, but also burning fat, giving you the absolute best of both worlds and ensuring that the results will be something to be proud of.

There’s much more to our site than simply great products though, and if you want an easy way of discovering whether your motivation is up to it, then we’ve even put together some great workouts that can get you up and running straight away. In fact, we’ve got the eight best ab workouts and while they won’t quite get you all of the way there like our featured products, they will certainly have you sweating and well on the way to results that you not only desire, but also deserve.

You may be wondering why we’ve plumped for eight workouts here in this small guide and the answer to that one is simple. The truth is that there is no single way to build abs and burn fat at the same time in the most effective way – different exercises will be far more efficient at doing one job or another than a single activity that attempts to do both. You certainly will feel the benefits of doing only a single activity at once, but if you truly want the best results in the shortest period of time then it is certainly best to mix things up a little. It stops the body being too comfortable with a single exercise and effectively keeps it on its toes, meaning that none of your effort is wasted and you can be sure of the kind of rewards that you would expect your sweat to achieve!

We’re all experienced fitness fanatics here on the site and that’s exactly why we decided to cover the best ab workouts available. We know what works and what doesn’t and we’ve tried each and every one of the featured products for ourselves and seen the results. We’ve also used that expertise and knowledge to put these activities together. You could and should mix and match for the reasons noted above and while everybody is different, a simple fifteen minute session every day for a couple of months will see you discovering real results. Two months in, you can expect your stomach to be completely flat. After three months you’ll notice the definition of your abs starting to improve and if you stick with it then after six months you’ll have the kind of abs that you see on professional athletes!

1. The Dying Insect
Okay, this exercise doesn’t necessarily have the nicest name, but it accurately describes the kind of position that you’ll be in. While lying on your back, you’ll want to lift and bend your legs until you’ve effectively made a right angle with each knee. Point your arms to the ceiling at another right angle to your body. You then want to alternate lifts, with the main work coming from your abs. Start with the right foot and left arm, lowering both until the foot is just off the floor and then switch to the other way around. Keep that going until you simply can’t do any more, which should take around three minutes if you’re doing it briskly. This is one of those ab workouts that serve as a great warm-up as it not only strengthens the muscles but also loosens you up ready for more intense exercise.

2. Making Circles
Another simple exercise to get you in the mood once again involves lying on your back, although this time with your knees bent so that your feet can rest on the floor. The circles from the name cover your muscles rather than your actions as you want to work the whole stomach area. Start off with the left side, simply contracting and releasing the muscles over and over, without allowing your entire bodyweight to be supported by the floor. Keep going until muscle tiredness kicks in and then switch to the right side after a thirty second rest. Carry on switching until it becomes painful and then take a break before moving on to one of our other great activities.

3. The Chair
This is one of our favorite ab workout, although it is by no means the easiest. To begin, you want to sit on the floor with your hands under your knees as they arch outwards. Don’t hold on too tight to your legs as this takes the stress off your abs. Then, simply lean back until you’re in a recliner position and hold it there for a couple of seconds. Repeat a hundred times before resting and moving on.

4. The Inverted Cycle
This is one of the simplest muscle building activities around and is simple to learn but tricky to master and maintain. You lie on your back, raise your legs in the air and basically carry out a cycling motion. Naturally, there are no pedals, but by offering a little support to your back with your hands you’ll quickly get the hang of the motion and be burning off fat and building muscle in no time.

5. Letter Writing
Another simple exercise that will definitely get the adrenaline pumping involves making shapes with your head. Like the inverted cycle, you lie on your back but now you need to pull your head and shoulders off the floor, allowing the abs to take the strain. Use your head as a pen, writing out the letters of the alphabet. The pressure stays on your abs and the unnatural movements ensure plenty of different abdominal areas are receiving the benefit of the workout.

6. Rope Climbing
In this exercise, you’ll be lying on your back once more and, like the Dying Insect, you’ll want to have your arms reaching out in front of you. You then want to reach forwards as if climbing a rope, working on the left side, then the right and so on, so rather than reaching straight up you’ll be grasping in slightly different directions.

7. Buttock Presses
If you’re bored of lying on your back, then buttock presses will switch things over as they see you lying on your stomach. Stretch your arms out ahead of you and then lift yourself onto your forearms and toes. Bend your knees towards the floor without touching it and hold the position. Ideally, you want to be holding this shape for over a minute, but that is something that will come with practice as your muscles tighten up over time.

8. Toe Dips
This is one of the simplest of our ab workouts, but also one of the most effective. You’ll be on your back once more and want to make an effective triangle shape with your legs. Point your toes in the air and hold both in a comfortable position. You then want to alternate lowering your legs to the floor, again without actually touching. Hold the positions for a couple of seconds before switching and then continue either for two minutes or until you’re really feeling the burn! It’s a small motion but it makes a world of difference to your results!